Heeding the Call

Welp, I hath succombed. I signed up for a lifetime subscription to Asheron’s Call/Asheron’s Call 2. My old characters are still alive and gimped. The game seems to be pretty much the same as the last time I re-activated, except there’s no monthly fee, and the world is even more deserted than before. Some things I’ve noticed:

  • My legacy characters are all gimped to hell
  • Loot drops are insane now
  • Money grows on trees
  • Empty houses everywhere!
  • Facility Hub is the bomb (I don’t think they had this last time, or if they did, I didn’t know about it.)
  • The portal system is both convenient and sad now
  • Death penalty sucks (waaah, waaah)
  • No one plays this game anymore  😛

As far as my gimped characters, I think I might still have a free skill reset, but I don’t want to use it until I’m SURE. Based on appearances, I may have already used it on my main, since the only real gimpy thing I can see is I don’t have shield specced. I think my gimping is more due to how my stats are allocated (I need more stamina) and mostly the pathetic quality of my armor and weapons, and mostly BUFFS. Apparently buffs are REALLY needed now. My old trusty Dagger of Tikola, which I needed help way back when to get, and which was my first real achievement in AC, is apparently useless now (well, except for some quest experience.) So sad. I loved that dagger. It is bonded and attuned though, so it won’t drop on death at least. Sadly, my level 12 newly created mule has better armor/weapons than my level 37 main. And I’m afraid to play with my main because she has cool (useless) stuff on her that I don’t want to lose on death (or have to do a corpse run on, man, I’d forgotten what a pain in the arse corpse runs are.)

Loot drops. Seriously? In just three days, my newly minted mule is not only filthy rich (over 150k in just a few hours playing and selling loot) but he’s better equipped than my main legacy character who has old quest items. Admittedly, they’re low level quest items, but still. He has more trade notes than all my old legacy characters combined. I may have to buy a house just to store his money.  😀

Speaking of houses, empty houses are everywhere! I remember back when housing first came out, I think there were something like 500 total houses released on each server and there was a mad scramble to claim one, and they were expensive back then. Relatively speaking anyway. This was before the instanced housing that is so common now in many MMORPGs. Houses in AC were, at the time, visible on the landscape, and that was all there were. Now, apparently there are a lot more “settlements” and there’s also those old apartments (which I had once, long ago, I hated those things, I’d get lost trying to find where I lived. I only had it for the storage.) Right now though, it looks like I could own the entire town of Cragstone (well, if they let you own as many houses as you want. I don’t even know if it’s still a one house per server rule or what.)

The Facility Hub! This thing makes it SO easy to level up, no more running around into dangerous areas to get to quests, no even trying to find quests, they’re all organized by level and you portal right to them. How convenient. And sad. One of the joys of AC in the old days was running through danger and getting lost and discovering cool stuff (Telephone boxes! Giant flowers! Killer rabbits! Snowmen!) Now, portal, boom, quest, done. Convenient, but takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Also, makes it pointless to meet people and gather for a quest run. Speaking of which, where are all the people? So far in the few days I’ve been back, I’ve seen ONE player out “in the wild” in a place other than Arwic. ONE player in three days.

I did a bit of exploring last night on my main character (stuck to newbie areas, even so I almost died about three times.) The world is huge. It takes a LONG TIME to run from one town to another. Mobs stick to you like glue (thank goodness my gimpy main has super high run skill.) Cragstone beach is still fun. I spent SO much time there in the old days, I pretty much lived in Cragstone (my friend who played at the time also had a house there.) Fishing is awesome, even if useless. I miss the old days though. The game is like playing a single player game now. Sort of fun, but not the same.

I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to try to revive playing my old characters, or just start new ones. I’ve already made a mule, to store my phat lewts, and even at level 12 he’s almost more playable than my main. I’ve still got a couple more character slots on my main server. I’ve also got gobs of spots on other servers. I won’t delete my old characters though, especially my main. She was born November 2, 1999. Asheron’s Call came out on November 2, 1999.



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