Why the Democrats are Screwed …

Given The Donald’s nomination as the Republican nominee for President, I am now convinced that the Democrats are screwed. As much as I despise the Republican party (not necessarily individual Republicans, but the party itself) I actually had faith (haha) that they had a plan to keep the Trumpster from winning the nomination. Maybe they’d change the rules of the convention, maybe the delegates would rise up and protest this obviously “non-traditional” candidate. Maybe there would be a last minute re-entry into the race as an Independent (this could I guess still happen, but given the current situation, seems highly unlikely.) But alas, it seems that the entire party has drank the Kook-Aid. I don’t know if Trump has promised them fancy digs and cabinet positions, or he’s paying them off, or if he’s threatening to sue them (he’s had lots of practice at that) or making some other type of threats, but man, it sure seems the same people who a few months ago were calling him all kinds of dangerous have suddenly become worshippers at his feet. It’s truly bizarre, in a cult-like way. Unfortunately for America, there is one thing Trump is good at, and it’s marketing. He’s not a very good businessman (well, not if you count success as doing things in an ethical manner, anyway) but he is damn good at knowing his audience’s weak points and targeting them with a vengeance. And you know that old adage that if you repeat things enough times, people will believe they’re true? Well, that seems to be one of his main tactics, and it’s working well. You gotta admit he’s got the perfect audience for it: a party of generally good, trusting people, many of whom are religious, with all that “faith” requires. It’s more a “feeling” thing than a “thinking” thing. And that’s why Trump has been so successful in his campaign: he taps right into those deep-seated feelings of fear and vengeance against a common enemy (even when it doesn’t really exist) and he riles up all those unpleasant things like racism and bigotry and nationalism that fuel the hate-driven agenda he’s branding as America. And sadly, he is representative of a lot of Americans: he’s brash, he’s arrogant, he’s selfish and insincere, he’ll lie and cheat to get what he wants, and when called out on it, paints himself as the victim. And he cares more about money and fame than anything else. You know, the American Dream. I’m also pretty sure he’s a textbook narcissist, and quite possibly a psychopath. The narcissist thing isn’t necessarily a huge problem if it’s tempered (I’m pretty sure both of the Clintons are also narcissists) but when let to roam free, it can turn ugly. Trump has the money and the power to “go his own way” and unfortunately, doesn’t take kindly to being told he’s wrong. Because in Trumpyland, he’s never wrong. And that is why he’s dangerous. And that is also why he’ll win. Well, that and the fact the Democrats picked a tainted candidate as their front runner. And given what I know about the Democratic Party, they don’t learn from their past mistakes, so she will win the nomination, and she will lose to Trump in November. Remember how I said that I’m pretty sure Hillary is a narcissist, too? Yep, that arrogance will be her downfall. She knows, just like Trump knows, that she’ll be our next president. Except one of them will be wrong. And Trump is never wrong.  😉

If, however, by some miracle, Democratic voters actually vote (they are notoriously lax in actually VOTING) and Hillary actually wins, then the Democrats are still screwed. Why? Because of the Trump card. Because Trump will bring Republicans out in droves to vote, and they’ll vote, maybe for him, maybe not, but they WILL vote Republicans in for other offices. The majority of our congress is up for re-election this year, and if lots of Republicans vote, that means they’ll likely win the house and the senate again, and quite possibly by a large majority. And then they’ll deliver the coup de grace: Hillary will be impeached (or worse.) And, depending on who Hillary picks as her running mate, we’ll either end up with a powerless president, whose every effort will be blocked, or they’ll find a way to get rid of the VP too and then President Paul Ryan will rule our land. Hey, yannow, maybe that’s the Republicans’ plan all along.  😉

Our only hope to avoid this awful scenario, is to get everyone who is even remotely Democratic leaning to get out and vote Democrat, not just for president, for everything that’s up for election. This is especially true in swing states and offices that are currently held by Republicans.

Oh, and don’t believe polls that say Hillary will win easily, don’t assume the people of America are smart enough to “do what’s right” because half of them seem to think Trump is the right thing to do. And even if it turns out that most of those “new Republican” voters were not Trump shills or (however unlikely) actual legitimate voters who registered Republican and meant it, but were actually sneaky Democrats who registered as Republicans for the primary to mess with the Republican nomination (oh, if only that were true) still, get out and vote blue. Never trust the media. They lie for money. Paint the map blue! Otherwise, our whole country will bleed red. Don’t kill America. 😦

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