The Death of America

OK, maybe that title is a bit overly dramatic. But I’m not gonna lie, this whole Trump thing has my hackles up. I could go on and on about his fascist ways and his malignant narcissism being dangerous, but pretty much anyone who has been paying attention, already knows those things. So I’m going to point out some of the more positive things that could happen under a Trump regime:

School vouchers. With the confirmation of Betsy DeVos, it’s pretty much a done deal that her “vision” of the future of education will begin to take shape. For those unfamiliar with DeVos, she’s a big advocate of federally funded vouchers that can be used to pay for private education of our kids. Great, if you’re a rich asshole who doesn’t want to waste your own money to pay for your kids’ religious school. Great for lower-income parents who want to indoctrinate their kids with religious propaganda and have tax-payers pick up the tab. But also great for rebels who will now have the opportunity to set up private Charter schools to fight the Republican agenda of Christianizing (let’s be honest, they’re not going to Christianize it, they’re gonna radicalize it) America by banning abortion, gay marriage,  free speech (unless it’s religious speech, erm Christian evangelism) and a whole slew of other mind-numbing “ideas” that will keep our populace ignorant and complacent, just like Republicans like them.

Privatization of National Parks. This one has a lot of negatives (selling off public land to drilling and mining companies, for instance, or the building of dreaded Trump hotels in every National Park (god help us) or raising prices of entry so high most Americans can’t afford to visit anymore.) But there are some positives, too. Like allowing states to manage some of the parks without federal government interference, or having parks be bought up by environmental activist groups and charities. Perhaps even “cleaning up” some of the trashier parks like Yosemite, which ain’t nothin’ like it used to be due to way too many people and buses and pollution and drones. Ugh.

Social Activism.  If there’s one thing Trump has done, it’s that he’s gotten people more involved in social activism like protests (both for and against him) and getting involved in our election process. Hell, he even managed to get Russia involved in our election process! OK, I jest. Erm … but he’s got people fired up. And people are learning right along with Trump, how our government works! The importance of the electoral college, for example, in allowing people in disenfranchised areas to have a voice in the political process. (I do actually support the EC, over a pure popular vote, by the way. I’d prefer a party-less, ranked voting system, but I don’t want pure populism. People would cheat. Bigly.) We The People are also learning about things like the three branches of government, which (allegedly) provide a system of checks and balances against a rogue Commander in Chief. In theory, anyway. And many people are learning how to work the algorithms of social media, in order to more effectively get their message across. Bot programming for the people! Hurray!

Redefining What it Means to be American. OK, this one sounds bad, but what I really mean, is each of us has had to really think about what makes someone an American. There are differing opinions, of course. Many Trump supporters have called themselves Patriots, as if they own that title. But I think most people have begun to see what qualities we all share, as Americans. The protests have helped distill this. What, exactly, are we fighting for? We know what Trump wants to fight against, but We The People, deep down, I think, want our country to reflect who we are, all of US. Even the blemishes and the insecurities. We The People are fighters. We will get through this, no matter how bad it gets (and it will get bad, I guarantee you.) And once the blood is shed, and the dust settles, I think America will come out stronger, less apathetic, and more united than we have been in a long time. And as much as I have to grit my teeth to say it, I think that’s one good thing about Trump.


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