What a Disaster!

I was going to wait until Trump hit his first hundred days in office, but given recent events, his regime may not last that long, so I’m going to give my opinion now of where I think things are going, based on where they’ve been.

First, I can say, in my opinion, Trump has been a complete and utter failure at all but one thing: chaos. The man is a chaos machine! Between his love of “fake news” (the real fake news, not the real news he calls fake) to his use of Soviet era disinformation techniques, to his ability to lie with impunity and even contradict himself before he takes another breath, the man is a Master of Manipulation. So much so, in fact, I think he’s even deluded himself!

It’s clear he only trusts a very small circle of allies, and that circle is getting smaller and smaller as his paranoia rises. It’s also gotten more nepotistic: His weasely son-in-law (who apparently has taken on the role of not only adviser, but has filled many of the empty jobs in the President’s cabinet, as well, but is also filling in when, say, the Secretary of State is too “fatigued” or the ambassador of, say, Israel is, I guess, not as qualified (LOL)) now plays an important role in his inner circle. The real reason, of course, is because Trump doesn’t TRUST people who are actually professional and qualified in their positions. Which is why he has recently brought on his Golden Child, Ivanka, to fill in as the “eyes and ears” of his administration. She’s already been that, of course, but now she gets her own office, title, and unfettered access without any of that nasty criticism that comes with being an interloping family member poking around in other people’s business. Plus, it makes it a whole lot easier for Jared and Ivanka to make business deals for themselves and their kin, if they have easy access to not only the President, but also to that tasty Classified information that lets them know, say, the weaknesses, of, say, certain world leaders. An added bonus: they get the dirt on what the FBI, CIA, and others know about the Trumpster’s connections to Russia, so they can hide evidence and obfuscate facts. He also recently brought on the husband of Kellyanne Conway, to act as legal counsel, perhaps to prepare for the inevitable hearings that will start any day now, if we’re lucky. I’m sure he’s been giving the President and his staff all the details of what “really” happened, so they can all collude with one another on what the “truth” is so when they testify, they won’t look guilty. LOL.

Anyway, the Master of Chaos had his “best week” last week, which consisted of, in no particular order:

  • His son-in-law being accused of being in a bitter feud with Steve Bannon, that other Master of Chaos (plus anarchy and white supremacy!) currently still stuffing up the Trump administration even though he’s “off” the NSC (allegedly)
  • The GOP cheating to get their Supreme Court nominee confirmed
  • Pretending to be bothered by a chemical weapons attack against the Syrian people by either: Assad, Russia, some rebel group, or maybe it never really happened
  • Reacting to that chemical attack by attacking an empty airfield in Syria, completely and utterly missing the entire runway despite 60 missiles being launched (only one, allegedly, missed the target)
  • Pissing off his white supremacist, alt-right supporters by attacking Syria after promising no war (it was HILLARY who wanted to attack Assad!)
  • Getting media praise for his attack on Syria (WTF media?)
  • Media realizing fake Syria attack was fake, and Russia was in on it, and Trump forgot to tell Congress before he attacked. Oops
  • ISIS (or Russia or Assad) resuming chemical attacks on Syrian people from VERY SAME AIRPORT THAT TRUMP ATTACKED
  • Issuing a notice to Congress he was attacking Syria (after the fact)
  • Basically ignoring the fact ISIS said there would be more attacks, and on Palm Sunday, ISIS attacks two Christian churches in Egypt, and Trump says meh, let Al Sisi handle it.
  • Plays golf while Rome is burning

Now, I don’t want to accuse the man of doing anything he hasn’t but, damn, dude, could you have fucked up any worse? Oh, why yes, yes, he could. He could move warships over near North Korea. Oh wait, he’s doing that now. Maybe this next week will be even BETTER than his last, best, week!

Anyway, after all that blither, my prediction of what’s to come for America: Trump will make a “very good deal” with Russia, whereby Russia agrees to help the USA fight and overthrow Assad (even though Russia has been pro-Assad since 2011) and in exchange for their kindness, Trump will lift sanctions against Russia! Because, you know, it’s bad Assad kills his own people (with Russia’s help) but it’s fine and dandy Russia kills not only its own people, but those of Ukraine, as well. This is nothing more than a cover to again try to the convince the world there is NOTHING TO SEE HERE in regards to Trump-Russia collusion for bad things, like throwing elections. And dirty business deals in exchange for lifting sanctions. It won’t work. Again. But the media will fall for it, again, briefly, before they realize he duped them, again, by looking “Presidential.”

Trump will also announce a “really big deal” with China, whereby China will help the USA bomb the shit out of North Korea and assassinate Kim Jong Un in exchange for Trump building big hotels and casinos in China to help pay off the hundreds of millions of dollars of debt he and Kushner owe China. Buy American, Hire American, y’all.

Ivanka and Jared will announce they’ve been promoted, to Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist. Bannon will be gone, but not forgotten (he’ll go back to writing fake news at Breitbart, only this time, Trump will realize Breitbart is actually fake news, now that the news won’t be favorable to him.) Priebus will be gone, and will write a book. The circle of wagons will tighten as more and more moles are exposed and booted out (they’re all, certainly, Deep State spies put there by Obama!) And it’ll be the Nixon years, all over again.  Eventually, Ivanka will learn the meaning of the word “complicit” when the indictments come. And hopefully, finally, the stinking house of cards will come tumbling down and take the GOP (and part of the DEM) with it.

By the way, the Russian roots apparently go VERY deep within the GOP and its supporters. Many, many of the people in Trump’s cabinet have dirty ties to Russia (and the associated Dominionism movement) and many in the GOP, from local government all the way up to the top  have ties, as well. Trump’s admin isn’t the first to have been “infiltrated” and it probably won’t be the last. And yes, there’s even Democrats in on the game. If there’s one good thing that can be said for this whole Trump nightmare, it’s that it should crack wide open the corruption, on both sides, in our government, and maybe the people will start paying attention in the future. If not, then the future America has to look forward to is living under the Russian Inquisition. Putin is the Constantine of the 21st Century, he’s weaponizing Christianity against Democracy, and using big money, big data, and the media to do it. Be warned.

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