DNA Roots

A couple months ago I took a DNA test at one of those ancestry/health sites, and one of the features of their website (23&Me) is they list your DNA relatives. I didn’t have any really close matches, but a couple of 2nd cousin matches came up, as well as a handful of more distant relatives. I didn’t bother to contact any of them because 1) I didn’t want to barge in on people’s lives and 2) because I’m adopted I’m a bit wary of opening a can of worms LOL. Well, a couple days ago I logged in to check, and there was a message from one match! Based on our conversation, it seems we share a great-grandfather. The best part, though, is that her information matches the genealogical research I’ve done, so I have both genealogical evidence, as well as genetic confirmation of part of my family tree! How cool is that?! And even better, that line we share goes WAY back in the United States. I’d traced it back to before the Civil War but it goes back further, she’s going to send me more info that she has to help me fill in the blanks. This is cool, because my mother’s line is hard to trace because I had almost zero information on her, so hopefully I can fill in some of those maternal lines I’m missing.

The funny thing is that my adoptive mother also has roots going WAY back in the United States, two of her ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence. Wouldn’t it be weird if I turned out to be biologically related to my adoptive family? (Both my bio mother and my adoptive mother’s ancestors came from England.)

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